The Tours

The Tours

Classic Sightseeing Tour

Journeying through London’s rich history in the city of London

Church History Tour

Going through the rich church history from the forming of the KJV bible, Charles Spurgeon, Church of England, and much more

USA Historic Tour

Discovering the close links of the city in relation to the USA
eg: WW2

Night Lights Tour

Be amused at London’s amazing city lights

Customised Tour

Request your own itinerary.

* Note 1

Please Note: The tours range from a mixture of walking/ driving only or driving only.

* Note 2

Please Note: All Tours are within central London


Minimum 2 hours Tour

Walking Guided Tour

includes detailed information on sights, walking + driving

£75 per hour

Drive by Guided Tour

£50 per hour

Why wait any longer or delay, London is ready to be explored!